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About Us

About ACE

The Australian College of Educators (ACE) is the national professional association for educators across all sectors and systems.

ACE provides a collective voice for all Australian educators. We advocate, lead and drive positive change and raise the status of the education profession. We encourage and foster open, collaborative discussion to enable our broad membership to provide the best outcomes for Australian students across all levels of education.

Our role

ACE was founded in 1959 to provide an independent voice for educators and advance the education profession.

Today, the College continues as a representative, authoritative voice for the education profession speaking from a position of evidence, experience and independence.

Welcome to ACE

ACE is a national independent professional association representing educators across all sectors and systems. For more than fifty years we have sought to advance the education profession and to assist educators with their professional growth and development. Education is the key to personal, social and national prosperity and our overarching aim is to influence the development and quality of education in Australia for the benefit of all.

Australian educators work in an increasingly complex and challenging landscape. Currently, as governments develop policies to improve educational outcomes it is imperative that educators have a strong voice to ensure that proposed initiatives are evidence based and reflect 'lived experience'.

Now more than ever Australian educators need an independent, well-informed and authoritative voice for the profession to speak from a position of evidence and experience. And it is through our membership, our greatest asset, that we can critique and influence educational policy, direction and decision making. The Australian College of Educators is ideally placed to fulfil this role.

The Hon. Bronwyn Pike, MACE
Chair and ACE National President

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