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New England Awards

The Harris and Sutherland Awards have been conducted by ACE in the New England Region for 19 years. The Kerr Award has been awarded for over 11 years. 

The aims of the awards are to encourage professional development of teachers, to foster innovation in school or other community educational organisations, to recognise achievement in professional or lay educators, to promote the standing of the profession of education within the community, and to commemorate the life work of the three Fellows of the College who were also members of the New England Regional Group.

Nominations now open for the 2016 ACE New England Awards

Key Dates:

Intention to nominate -  no later than Friday 26 August 2016
Nominations - no later than Friday 23 September 2016

See below for further information and nomination forms about individual awards.

The HTB Harris Award

Awarding a significant educational program The ACE New England Harris Award is open to any public or independent school or any community educational organisation, at any level of education within the North West Region of NSW. The award recognises a program or coordinated approach to an educational need, with emphasis on innovative thinking, planning and action.

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The Sutherland Award

The ACE New England Branch annually presents a range of awards including the Sutherland Award.

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The Alan Kerr Award

The Alan Kerr Award is open to practicing teachers in schools in the North West Region of NSW. Nominees must have between 2 and 6 years teaching experience at the time of the Award. Nominations for the Kerr Award must be made by a senior colleague; preferably one within the school where the person is currently teaching.

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The Inaugural Cynthia Briggs Award

The Cynthia Briggs Award is open to educational collaborations with marginalised individuals and/or minority groups in North and North Western NSW that ensure a more sustainable and self-determining future.

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