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NSW awards

NSW has a range of awards that celebrates the achievements of educators in the region. These include:

The Sir Harold Wyndham Medal Award

An award to recognise an outstanding contribution by an individual to the education of young people in NSW.

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NSW Outstanding Service Award

The ACE NSW Service Award is presented each year to a Member or Fellow to mark outstanding service to the College.

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NSW Media and Communications Award

The ACE NSW Media and Journalism Award is presented each year to a journalist who provides excellent coverage of educational issues.

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NSW Community and Social Justice Award

The Community and Social Justice Award will be presented each year to recognise important work aimed at the changing the circumstances in which people are excluded, impoverished or disempowered.

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The ACE Young Professionals Award

This Award recognises a teacher (MACE) in the first 7 years of their teaching career.

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NSW Social Media Award

The Social Media Award is to recognise innovation by an educator in the use of contemporary media connecting the global education community.

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New England Awards

The ACE New England Branch annually presents the HTB Harris Award, the Kerr Award and the Sutherland Award. In 2016, the inaugural Cynthia Briggs Award will also be presented.

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NSW Quality Teaching Award 2001 - 2011

The Quality Teaching Awards recognised accomplished teaching practice through a rigorous process involving referees’ reports, professional learning portfolios and workplace visits from 2001 - 2011.

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