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The HTB Harris Award

Awarding a significant educational program

The ACE New England Harris Award is open to any public or independent school or any community educational organisation, at any level of education within the North West Region of NSW.

The award recognises a program or coordinated approach to an educational need, with emphasis on innovative thinking, planning and action. The program could acknowledge a new curriculum, a new approach to school community relationships, a new design for institutional organisation or in-service training or any similar activity.

Nominations for a Harris Award may be made by: staff associations, professional associations, school principals, teachers, parent bodies, community organisations or individuals.

Click here to more information on this Award and the nomination form.


  • 2014

    Published 20 January 2016


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  • 2015

    The Snow Gums Learning Alliance is an outstanding example of the use of disciplined collaboration to provide educational advantage to students in small schools through capacity building of teachers and school leaders.

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