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The Sir Harold Wyndham Medal Award

An award to recognise an outstanding contribution by an individual to the education of young people in NSW and to encourage involvement in the College and its activities.

  • The nomination shall be confidential; the nominee shall not be informed of the nomination.
  • The contribution may be in any field or any level of education, from early childhood to tertiary.
  • The contribution may be wide ranging and multi-dimensional or it may be specific.
  • The nominee must be a practising professional educator presently working in NSW
  • The nomination must be made by two members of the College, or by the Chapter Committee or a Regional group Committee
  • Nominators must submit a supporting statement explaining the basis of the nomination.
Guidelines to assist nominators
  • The award committee must make its decision on the written evidence presented.
  • The nominee must have made an outstanding contribution to the education of young people in NSW
  • Describe the actual nature of the contribution, rather than use general terms, and indicate the changes or results which can be identified from the contribution(s)

The medal was instituted in 1994 (after being originally proposed some years earlier).

Nomination form

Recipients to date are:



Dr Michele Bruniges AM, FACE


Dr John DeCourcy, FACE           


Dr Phil Lambert


Dr Norman McCulla, FACE


Dr Brian Croke


Hon John Aquilina MP


Dr John Bennett


Dr Margaret Varady


Celebration of 40 years of the Wyndham Scheme

Mrs Jennifer Lewis


Professor Stephen Dinham

Professor Gordon Stanley


Dr Mirica Gross
2002 Dr Paul Brock


Dr Alan Laughlin
2000 Dr Julia Atkin
1999 Professor Christine Deer

Professor Fenton Sharpe

1997 Professor Ken Eltis
1996 Brother Ambrose Payne
1995 Mr John Lambert

Brother Kelvin Canavan

Individual years awardees and citations
  • 2015

    Dr Michele Bruniges AM, FACE

    Read More
  • 2014

    Dr John DeCourcy, FACE

    Read More
  • 2013

    Dr Phil Lambert PSM, FACE

    Read More
  • 2012

    Dr Norman McCulla, FACE

    Read More
  • 2011

    Dr Brian Croke

    Read More
  • 2010

    Hon John Aquilina MP, FACE

    Read More
  • 2009

    Dr John Bennett, MACE

    Read More
  • 2008

    Dr Margaret Varady AO, FACE

    Read More
  • 2007

    In celebration of 40 years of the Wyndham scheme, no award was given in 2007.

    Read More
  • 2006

    Ms Jenny Lewis, FACE

    Read More
  • 2005

    Professor Stephen Dinham OAM, FACE

    Read More
  • 2004

    Professor Gordon Stanley, FACE

    Read More
  • 2003

    Professor Miraca Gross AM, FACE

    Read More
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