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Published 27th Feb 17 12:00 AM

Differentiating instruction for diverse learners

The Victorian Institute of Teaching has introduced a requirement that teachers engage in professional learning on working with diverse learners, particularly those with additional needs. This event will provide two hours of approved PD.

Presenters come from the Learning Intervention Team at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education (MGSE), led by Professor Lorraine Graham, MACE

Topics covered will be:

  • What is differentiating and why do we do it?
  • Differentiating within the teaching cycle
  • Assessment as the foundation for differentiation
  • Frameworks to assist teachers to differentiate

Guest speakers

Professor Lorraine Graham, MACE

Lorraine Graham has a PhD in Instructional Psychology and Master of Arts (Education) along with teaching and special education degrees. Lorraine is Professor of Learning Intervention at MGSE. Lorraine’s career is focused on school inclusion, Literacy strategies, basic academic skill interventions in Numeracy and Literacy and, ultimately, the effective teaching of all students.

Dr Jeanette Berman

Jeanette graduated from the University of New England (UNE) in 1980, started her career in education as a teacher and soon moved into school psychology. After executive positions in the NSW Department of Education School Counselling Service she joined the Faculty of Education at UNE in 1999, as psychologist in the team of teacher educators teaching special and inclusive education. Jeanette’s doctoral research into curriculum based dynamic assessment (UNE 2002) grew out of her psychology practice in schools. Jeanette continues her practice in psychology using contemporary assessment practices to better understand learners, with a particular interest in learning difficulties. Jeanette comes to MGSE in 2016 after three years as Director of Educational Psychology at Massey University in Aotearoa New Zealand. There she instigated the reworking of the program using the local Indigenous lens to frame and filter Western psychological knowledge for culturally aligned and responsive educational psychology practice.

Mr Guy Logan

Guy is a lecturer and researcher in the MGSE’s Learning Intervention Team. He focuses on translating the learning sciences for teachers of diverse learners. Guy holds a BSc in Psychology (MBPsS), a PGCE (QTS –Early Years & Primary) and a Master of Education (SLD). After a decade of working in private practice with a range of learners, their families and schools in the UK and US he relocated to Australia in 2009. With experience as a therapist, clinician, trainer, centre director, specialist and mainstream teacher in primary, secondary and tertiary settings Guy’s multi-disciplinary background and broad experience are reflected in courses that enable educators and psychologists to make positive evidence informed decisions that lead to improved outcomes for all learners. His doctoral work links philosophy of mind, developmental psychology and evidence-based pedagogy in the pursuit of effective classroom inclusion.

Ms Kate Leigh

Kate Leigh works as a lecturer in Deafness Studies in the areas of language development, assessment and intervention related to both spoken and signed languages, and literacy. Kate has been a teacher of the deaf for over 20 years, with experience in primary and secondary school settings and as a visiting teacher. Kate's research interests are related to understanding, assessing and supporting the language and communication of deaf and hard of hearing students. Kate currently works part-time with the Learning Interventions team and part-time at a school for deaf children as a language specialist and professional learning coordinator.

Certificate of attendance

All participants will receive a Certificate of Attendance to claim two hours of approved professional learning hours for accreditation purposes. The Standards addressed are:
1.5 - Differentiate teaching to meet the specific learning needs of students across the full range of abilities

1.6 - Strategies to support full participation of students with a disability

Refreshments will be available for purchase

Event Details

  • Venue location: Gippsland Grammar School
    Lecture Theatre
    Garnsey Campus
  • Event date: Wednesday 29 March 2017
    4:30 PM - 6:30 PM
  • Final registration date: 27th Mar 17 5:00 PM
  • Entrance fee: AACE Members $40
    MACE/FACE Members $50
    Non-Members $60
  • Contact info: (03) 9035 5473 or
  • Registrations Open: 27th Feb 17 5:00 PM
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