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The Australian College of Educators (ACE) is a unique organisation in that it represents educators involved in the whole range of education: Early Childhood, School, University and Technical and Further Education. It brings together educators from the Government, Independent and Catholic sectors. It promotes professional standards of the highest order and seeks to ensure that all students achieve to the best of their ability, irrespective of their socio-economic background.

Policy has a central role in this context. Influencing the Australian education policy agenda and contributing to important national and international discussions in this policy space is one of the most important aspects of ACE work. The current Policy Committee was established by the ACE Board in recognition of this fact.

ACE engagement in the policy debate is member-driven: Policy Committee membership is drawn from ACE membership through an ‘Expression of Interest’ process.

The Policy Committee’s key duties are to drive the policy objectives of the College by providing advice to the Board on current policy debates and emerging issues; by identifying key issues in education and setting in motion an appropriate program of work in respect to those issues; and by overseeing the development of policy submissions, positions, and publications.

To undertake this work the Policy Committee establishes working groups as required through an ‘Expression of Interest’ process, drawing directly on the skills and expertise of the broad range of ACE members.

  • Australian College of Educators - Policy Committee Charter

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    The ACE Policy Committee Charter sets out the guidelines that govern the work of the ACE Policy Committee.

    The Charter can be accessed via the Read More button.

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  • Australian College of Educators - Policy Committee

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    The Policy Committee is an advisory committee to the ACE Board. Information regarding its membership can be accessed via the Read More button.

    Responsibilities of the Policy Committee include identifying key issues in education, driving the policy objectives of College, and  the development of policy positions and publications.

    The work of the Policy Committee is supported by working groups, established by the Policy Committee from time to time in conjunction with the Board in response to a perceived need in a particular area of education.

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