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Professional Educator

Professional Educator, Australia's premier academic education magazine, published by ACE, aims to bring together the educational research and practice of all educators across all systems as well as policy and its effects 'on the ground' in a way that is readable, that speaks to all in the education field and that stimulates debate.  

Professional Educator addresses key topics in early childhood education, school education, VET/TAFE, and higher education sectors, including the national curriculum and assessment and reporting regimes; teacher quality and teacher standards; teacher preparation, recruitment and retention; leadership research; collaborative partnerships; post-school transition; student and staff wellbeing, Indigenous education; education and the law; and information and communication technology and so much more.


The themes for 2016 are as follows:

  • February - Innovation nation: What’s the role of education?
  • April - Australian Early childhood in contemporary times
  • July - Teacher as researcher
  • August - Tricky issues
  • October - Voices of children and young persons
  • November - Education: The year past; the year ahead

All submissions should be accompanied by a short author biography (approximately 50 words).

Extra note for contributors

ACE Copyright Policy

© Copyright. No part of this publication can be used or reproduced in any format without express permission in writing form from the Australian College of Educators. The mention of a product or service, person or company in this publication, does not endorsement.

Likewise, the views expressed in all articles in this publication are not necessarily those of the Australian College of Educators, they are published in this scholarly journal in the spirit of open discussion of educational issues.

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