The Australian College of Educators is seeking expressions of interest from members wanting to actively contribute to the College. This is your opportunity to be an integral part of and work with educators from around the country to help the College deliver relevant, timely, innovative, profession led content, information, activities and events.

Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

ACE Special Interest Groups are formed, developed and driven by ACE Members. The purpose of SIGs is to facilitate conversation and collaboration between members of the College interested in specific issues and areas of education. Possible ACE Special Interest Groups may include Educational Technology, Entrepreneurship or Indigenous Education.
Special Interest Groups will be established and led by an individual or group of ACE members appointed by the College directorate. The SIG leader/s will be responsible for establishing and co-ordinating SIG activities. The SIGs will facilitate a program of activities to support conversation and collaboration between College members.

ACE Social Media Team

Members of the ACE Social Media Team will work with ACE National Office communications specialists to help ensure the most up to date, relevant, credible information is delivered across our social media platforms including Facebook.
The ACE Social Media Team will actively promote, moderate and contribute to the College’s social media presence and help drive member engagement and activity.

ACE Publications Team

Members of the ACE Publications Team will work with ACE National Office to produce and deliver a range of national publications including our flagship magazine, Professional Educator.
The ACE Publications Team will actively source articles and contributors to ACE publications, provide proof-reading and editorial expertise, write articles and opinions pieces.

ACE Mentoring

Members of the College are invited apply to become a Mentor for the ACE Mentoring Program.
Expressions of interest are sought from ACE members to become mentors as part of the College’s new ACE mentoring program initiative. The program will provide ACE associate and early career educators with the opportunity to learn from our experienced members and fellows. This will also provide mentors with the opportunity to help those new to the education profession to gain from your professional experience and knowledge.

Australian Journal of Education

Members of the College are invited to apply to join the Editorial Team of the internationally recognised Australian Journal of Education (AJE) produced by the Australian Council for Educational Research.
Applications are sought from interested members to become an Associate Editor with the AJE and have the opportunity to learn from some of the Australia’s leading educators about the latest research and developments in education. *Please note, you will be required to complete an additional application form for AEJ that will be considered by the Editor.