The Australian College of Educators actively recognises excellence in the profession through local, state and national awards

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Fellowship of the Australian College of Educators is one of the highest forms of professional recognition that the College bestows. Attaining Fellowship of the College is the recognition of an exemplary contribution above and beyond the expectations for any paid professional role in the field of education.

Fellowship is an important means of encouraging and recognising excellence in professional practice and enhancing the status of the profession.


National Awards


Fellowship of the College is one of the highest honours that ACE members can receive.

An ACE Member who receives Fellowship of the College (FACE) is recognised by their peers and the College as a highly accomplished and exemplary educator who has made an outstanding contribution to their profession.

Image: ACE Fellows, 1986

Details & Eligibility

Educators from all sectors and systems are invited to apply, including those from:

  • the early childhood sector
  • primary and secondary schools
  • higher education sectors (public or private)

Education researchers, managers, trainers or providers of professional education services are also invited to apply.

To be awarded an ACE Fellowship the applicant must prove outstanding achievement and outcomes in their professional practice and make significant contributions to the broader education profession.

The Application Process

There are two avenues through which to apply for Fellowship:

  • Self-nomination: interested educators can complete the Fellowship application themselves. You must included relevant referees for your application and provide supporting documentation.
  • Third party nomination: Awards Committees operate in most states and territories. Members of the awards committees are able to nominate candidates for fellowship. The application process is the same as self-nomination, and supporting information and referees are required to complete the nomination.

The ACE Fellowship applications are open all year round and nominees can commence an application at their convenience.

Over the course of the year, there will be a number of assessment rounds. The closing dates for applications to be considered in each round will be advertised on the ACE website.

For further information contact the ACE national office on (03) 9035 5473, or email

ACE College Medal

The College Medal is the highest honour an ACE member can receive, and is an annual award designed to:

  • recognise outstanding contributions to education in any field, level or sector of Australian education
  • raise awareness among educators and the general public regarding the College’s role in advancing the education profession.

The medal may be awarded to an Australian educator working in this or any other country who has made sustained, outstanding contributions to any field of educational practice, theory or discourse.

State and Regional Awards

New South Wales


South Australia



Western Australia