Fellowship of the Australian College of Educators is one of the highest forms of professional recognition that the College bestows. Attaining Fellowship of the College is the recognition of an exemplary contribution above and beyond the expectations for any paid professional role in the field of education.

Fellowship is an important means of encouraging and recognising excellence in professional practice and enhancing the status of the profession.


ACE Fellowships are assessed on the basis of evidence of the following achievements:

  • A record of outstanding achievement and of ethical practice sustained over time;
  • Commitment and service to the profession and to others which is above and beyond the formal expectations and requirements for the position(s) held.

An outstanding contribution in any level or sector of education to one or more of the following:

  • Student learning and teaching practice
  • Educational scholarship, innovation, research or policy
  • Educational leadership at international, national, state or local level
  • Advancement of the profession.


Current financial ACE members [MACE] are eligible to nominate outstanding educators for Fellowship.

The National Board and State and Territory Membership and Awards Committees are also eligible to initiate applications for Fellowship in conjunction with those being nominated.

The National Board and State and Territory Membership and Awards Committees are also eligible to initiate nominations for Honorary Fellowship. Honorary Fellowship is a confidential process whereby those who have made an outstanding contribution to the advancement of education in Australia, and possibly more widely, and are not an ACE member, may be recognised for this achievement.


1. Those seeking to join ACE as Associate members or those already holding this category of membership [AACE] are ineligible to apply for ACE Fellowship.

2. Honorary Fellowship is not open for self-nomination. Honorary Fellowships are rarely awarded and would not normally exceed one–two awards in any year.

Nominations close on Friday 27 November 2020