NEiTA-ACE Teachers Report Card

Teachers transform futures

It is essential that your voices are heard. 

Too often the voices of those ‘at the chalkface’ are missing from discussions on the issues, like teacher retention, working conditions and school reform, that directly affect you – despite clear evidence that your insights are valuable 

At the Australian College of Educators, it is our mission to give you a voice, and to make it heard by the policymakers, curriculum authorities, system managers and others with a stake in ensuring teachers are empowered to do their best work. 

It’s why we partnered with the NEiTA Foundation on the 2021 NEiTA-ACE Teachers Report Card, a national survey of teachers’ opinions and experiences of life in Australian education. In mid-2021, we asked you about workload, professional learning and support, relationships with students and parents, the ability of schools to meet the demands of remote learning, and more. 

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A message from ACE Managing Director Helen Jentz 

The pandemic has brought home – literally and figuratively – to the community the full extent of the work Australia’s educators perform, from personalised teaching to caring for student wellbeing, and beyond. Despite this greater understanding of what teaching actually entails, our survey of 571 educators – around the country and across systems and sectors – reveals that 60 per cent feel disregarded by parents, more than 75 per cent feel stressed during a typical working week and 84 per cent have considered leaving the profession in the last 12 months. 

Furthermore, morale is deteriorating. Teachers’ dissatisfaction has grown since the survey was last conducted in 2017, when 91% reported feeling satisfied or very satisfied with their profession – down sharply to just 63% in 2021.  

These are just some of the findings in the NEiTA-ACE Teachers Report Card, and they demand our attention.  

It is ACE’s mission to ensure your voices are heard. We have delivered the NEiTA–ACE Teachers Report Card to the people and organisations whose decisions affect your work and we have asked them to act upon its findings. Fixing the problem of an increasingly disenfranchised teaching workforce is complex; as Australia’s longest serving professional association for all educators, ACE is uniquely placed to offer a cross-system, multi-sector, long-term perspective on the issues facing our education system and we have offered to work with those stakeholders to find solutions.  

Thank you for generously sharing your opinions with us. You can help us help you by sharing this report – in your schools, with friends and family, on social media – and letting Australia know your voices deserve to be heard.  

 Helen Jentz, Managing Director, Australian College of Educators. 

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