2022 ACE FNQ Award Launch 10 March 2022

The Launch will take place between 6:00 pm and 7:pm

All educators are welcome.

The ACE FNQ Regional Group hope to welcome, pre-service teachers, early childhood educators, primary, secondary, vocational educators and tertiary educators to this event at no cost.

This event offers an opportunity for educators meet and learn more about the awards, the nomination processes, the Noreen Wilcox Awards evening on Thursday 26 May 2022. Come and learn more about the College, its members and the opportunity of celebrate education in Far North Queensland.

Noreen Wilcox

Fellow of the Australian College of Educators, Noreen’s career in education spanned the years from 1956 until her death in 1991. During that time she served as Teacher, Administrator, University Lecturer, Inspector and Supervisor of Studies, almost all the time in North Queensland.

Noreen was the first woman to hold such an office in many of these appointments.

She was a pioneer and innovator.

Noreen’s concern was always for the learner. She studied new ideas, trialled them and then employed her prodigious energy to see that other were informed of and enthused by their effectiveness.

Her efforts to enhance the opportunities for learners through the refinement of teaching practice were a constant focus of Noreen’s life.

An exemplary model, Noreen demanded and achieved a high standard from those around her. Her trademarks were honesty and a striving for excellence tempered by a genuine concern for people.

Noreen was a scholar, manager, facilitator, supervisor and friend.

She was a teacher.

The Noreen Wilcox Awards began in 1993. These awards have evolved from their inception and in 2022 they have been remodelled to recognise the extensive roles untaken by educators.

It is an honour and a privilege to be nominated by colleagues who recognise the efforts undertaken by  their colleagues.




The 2022 Noreen Wilcox Excellence in Education Awards

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