ACE NT Networking Event

Monday 20th January 2020

Event Details

The Australian College of Educators (Northern Territory) will be holding a free networking and discussion event on Monday 20 January 2020 from 5.00pm

All interested Northern Territory Educators are invited to register and attend.


The Australian College of Educators is the longest serving professional body for educators in Australia. Established in 1959, the College was founded as a professional body that would include teachers from all levels and every type of education. Over the course of its history, the College has maintained its focus on the advancement of the education profession through its commitment to professional learning and growth, the production and distribution of high-quality information and publications and active engagement in the broader education debate.

Aims and Objectives

The Australian College of Educators (the College) advances the education profession nationally across all sectors and levels for the individual and collective success of Australia’s educators. 

In advancing the profession, the College aims to:

  • promote professional standards of a high order;
  • recognise excellence in professional practice;
  • foster the professional learning of educators; and
  • enhance the status of the profession.

In pursuing these aims, the College strives to:

  • exercise ethical leadership of the profession
  • enhance the professionalism of educators
  • foster collegiality, cooperation and networking
  • recognise and value highly accomplished professional practice
  • acknowledge and promote outstanding contributions to education
  • create connectivity and unity among all sectors and levels of the profession
  • promote and facilitate continuous professional learning and improvement

Date & Time

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