ACE Townsville Educators Event

Thursday 8th November 2018

Event Details

The ACE Townsville Regional Group is looking to reignite its activities and deliver new and innovative avenues through which teachers within the Townsville community can work with the College to help direct and drive the education agenda. Facilitated by long serving ACE members, Mr Bernard Durie and Dr David Pohlmann, the College will be hosting a networking and discussion event open to all interested educators in the region.

Educators – Taking Action

The Australian College of Educators has been serving the education profession for nearly 60 years. The College is the only non-industrial professional association that supports and represents educators from all sectors, systems, subjects and levels. We have been doing this since 1959 and can lay claim to being the longest serving professional association for teachers in the country.

The College, from its inception, has and continues to work to:

  • Provide a strong national voice for the profession
  • Provide professional standards of a high order
  • Recognise excellence in professional practice
  • Foster the professional learning of educators, and
  • Enhance the status of the profession.

The College was founded on the principle of collegiality and breaking down the long-established sectors and systems within the education profession to create a professional association that is run for educators BY educators. Further to this, ACE has been strategically designed to support and assist educators throughout their entire career journey (from pre-service to retirement).

Why you should be involved…

The focus of the ACE Community is to ensure ALL educators, no matter the position they hold, the system they work in or the subjects they teach, can actively participate in, contribute to and direct their profession. Like other leading professions such as medicine, engineering and accounting, members of ACE believe in a united professional association that represents the diversity of the education profession and provides avenues through which ALL educators can have a say in what goes on in their profession.

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