Advancing in the Profession: A Participatory Event for Early Career Teachers

Thursday 25th October 2018

Event Details

The early years of a career in teaching can realise great rewards for the significant efforts expended. Critical to achieving these rewards are the ongoing working relationships between teachers and the organisational structures which support them.

These require leadership, which is provided in various ways by teachers who have undertaken leadership positions in a school. For example, these positions may involve leadership of a professional learning community within a school, or have responsibility for a particular year level or subject area.

But how can an early career teacher progress to one day taking on a leadership role in a school?

Event Layout

In this participatory event we shall hear from a primary and a secondary school principal, as well as from Clinton Milroy of the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership, about ways to think about career progression and pathways forward for early career teachers. 

Then we shall break up into small table groups for a series of 4 x 15 minute discussions, each with a different middle level school leader who has volunteered their time to share their experiences. Participants will get a chance to hear from and speak with four different middle level school leaders.

Event registration is free, with the venue and catering provided by Monash University Faculty of Education. There is a limited number of places so early registration is advised.

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