Building school cultures of parent engagement: Perspectives of principals & parents

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Parent-school engagement is dynamic and complex, and typically presents both opportunities and challenges for school leaders, educators and families. This presentation draws on a national study conducted in 2016-2018 with school principals and parents of children in Independent, Government and Catholic school sectors. The guest speaker is Professor Sue Saltmarsh of the University of Southern Queensland.

The study addresses principals’ perspectives of their own and teachers’ knowledge, beliefs and practices regarding parent engagement, and explores what principals and parents see as key enablers and barriers to effective parent engagement within their own school communities.

The presentation suggests that school cultures are experienced in multiple ways by stakeholders, and that everyday practices involving shared information, consistent communication and professional development for principals and educators are all critical to building school cultures characterised by meaningful home-school relationships.

This is a co-badged event between ACE QLD and Fairholme College. To register, please RSVP by Friday 12 October to Alison Scott.

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