Developing a Growth Learning Data Mindset

Thursday 29th April 2021

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Developing a Growth Learning Data Mindset: a secondary school approach to creating a culture of data driven improvement. 

Presented by Brad Swibel

There is a common notion in learning analytics research that learning analytics needs to be grounded in pedagogy. Learning analytics has been labelled the “middle space” as it lies at the intersection between technology and pedagogy.

Researchers suggest that learning analytics dashboards can be used as powerful learning tools for students, helping them to reason about the effort invested in the learning activities and learning outcomes. However, a large majority of dashboards are still aimed at teachers and there has been little research on the effect dashboards have on student learning. Goal setting is a central construct in personalised learning and is often studied as a form of self-regulation and these practices lead to improvement in achievement.

This presentation, at the intersection of praxis, governance and research describes the value-add provided by data-driven learning approaches to create a culture of growth mindset, goal setting and self-regulation learning in students and teachers.

Brad Swibel

Brad was appointed as Deputy Head of School at St Andrew’s Cathedral School in 2013. He is responsible for academic, wellbeing, policy and staffing for the Middle School (Years 7-9) and Senior College (Years 10-12). Brad works with the senior executive team on vision development, alignment and strategy and is involved in co-curricular, risk management, marketing and budgetary planning. Brad’s aspiration is for every student to be able to reach their personal best and for teachers to be equipped to deliver highest quality teaching and learning programs. The school’s focus on character development and systematic use of data are keys to this process by coaching students to grow self-regulation skills, developing class learning sprints, identifying intervention needs and recognising achievement of personal bests. 

Lila Mularczyk OAM, FACE (Webinar Facilitator)

Lila Mularczyk, has been recognized for her commitment to the education profession (38 years to date) being honoured with the Order of Australia Medal (OAM) in 2017.  Lila holds several (mostly voluntary) positions with the NSW Department of Education, Chair of ACE NSW, lecturing at university, and supervising professional experience (UTS). She also leads Professional Learning for UNSW Gonski Institute for Education. She is a much sort after mentor, coach and presenter. Lila also chairs and is an active member of a number of education advisory boards at the State and National level. Throughout her career Lila has held the position of Director of NSW Secondary Education with the New South Wales Department of Education, was a highly acclaimed School Principal for 15 years, and the President of NSW Secondary Principal’s Council.

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