Educating the Cyber Generation: An update for all teachers

Wednesday 6th September 2017

Wiktionary defines the cyber generation as the generation of people who grew up with computer technology and the internet. Hence, all of our school education is to students in this digital age, with all its opportunities and challenges for educational growth and wellbeing. This Afternoon Tea Forum will draw on experts in the areas of cyber crime, innovative digital education, and cyber opportunities for vocational development.


Forum Chair

Dr Dorothy Hoddinott, AO, FACE
Principal, Holroyd High School
ACE College Medallist

Expert Panellists

Dr Mamoun Alazab

Dr Mamoun Alazab is a Lecturer in Cyber Security at Macquarie University  and a co-founder ofthe ANU Cybercrime Observatory. Dr Alazab’s research is multidisciplinary and includes both technological and  criminological perspectives of computer crime, with a focus on the role of  the Internet in facilitating crime. Dr Alazab will provide a perspective on cyberhealth, cybersecurity and cybercrime.

Pip Cleeves

Pip Cleeves is formerly Head Teacher of Learning Innovation at  Sydney Secondary College and is now a senior education  consultant with her own company DLE (Design Learning  Experiences that Empower Educators). Pip has a wealth of digital  program experience with the NSW Department of Education  including1:1 laptop rollout, online communities and connected  classrooms. Pip is a Microsoft Innovative Educator and Master  Trainer and will provide a perspective on cyber opportunities in the  classroom.

Michael Johnson

Michael Johnson is Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science at Macquarie University. He is the Deputy Chair of  the Seoul Accord, which is committed to the improvement of computing education worldwide through promulgating standards and guidelines for the academic preparation of  computing professionals. Professor Johnson was also the Foundation Director of the Macquarie-DET ICT Innovations Centre and is currently the Scientific Director of the Optus Macquarie University Cyber Security Hub. Professor Johnson will provide a perspective on vocational outcomes for students engaging in cyber education and research.

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