Education on the Square – September

Wednesday 6th September 2017

Guest Speaker

Dr. John Halsey
Emeritus Professor, Flinders University

Dr John Halsey commenced his career as a teacher, and was a principal of two schools in South Australia (both reception to year 12, one rural, one metropolitan). He has been the Associate Director of the Senior Secondary Assessment Board of South Australia, an Executive Director in the South Australian Department of Education and Children’s Services and a Chief of Staff to a State Minister for Education and Children’s Services. He has also worked as an Educational Facilities Project Officer and for the Australian Schools Commission Choice and Diversity in Education initiative. He is the former Executive Officer of the Rural Education Forum Australia and a current consultant with the Center for RelationaLearning, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

John’s research and teaching interests include rural schools and community sustainability; rural and remote leadership and management; framing rural and remote education in non-deficit ways and innovative/integrated policies and operations; determining the personal and institutional costs of pre-service rural and remote teacher placements; and formulating appropriate resourcing policy and models.

Vibrant, productive rural communities are integral to the long-term sustainability of Australia so it is critical that people who live and work in rural and remote Australia have access to high quality, relevant and affordable education, training and care at all ages and stages of life. Professor John Halsey is working to make rural towns a chosen destination for outstanding teachers. He hopes to create a culture shift amongst teachers to bring rural education back to being a viable career choice.

John’s input and reflections will stimulate a great deal of discussion. Come and join us!

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