POSTPONED Hard Focus on Soft Skills

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The presentation will deliberate the term ‘soft skills’ and how it has been applied to many of the competencies now being prioritised by countries on their curriculum reform and/or design agendas. This term, often used to profile the capabilities of employees and also given prominence in recruitment processes, refers to skills and dispositions, many of which have also been described as 21st century skills. These skills are no longer seen as ‘soft’ or of secondary importance to other conventional and well-entrenched curriculum content, owing to changing economic, social and environmental conditions in and across countries. This background paper is part of a research program analysing the evidence for 21st century skills, how they are best learned and taught in schools, and what other countries are doing. It explores how 21st century competencies have developed in Australia and around the world. It also highlights the specific skills and dispositions that are receiving broad acceptance at national policy level as well as particular drivers behind this phenomenon.

Guest Speaker

Dr Phil Lambert, PSM, FACE President and Chair, Australian College of Educators

Dr Phil Lambert has extensive experience in education as a school principal; inspector; Executive Director; Assistant Director-General; Regional Director (Schools), Sydney; CEO Sydney Region Registered Training Authority; and General Manager, Australian Curriculum where he recently led the development of Australia’s first national curriculum. He has authored books, presented a number of papers and keynotes at national and international conferences, had a number of articles and occasional papers published in journals and led statewide reviews and reforms.

Dr Lambert is currently supporting curriculum reform efforts in Japan, as expert advisor and researcher for its Innovative Schools Network (ISN) initiative and member of the ISN Advisory Board. He is also Curriculum Expert to the OECD Education 2030 Learning Framework project and was recently engaged by the Ministry of Qatar, Kazakhstan and Lithuania to train senior curriculum, assessment and supervisory policy officers to support the implementation of their respective national curriculum reforms.

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