Higher Levels of Accreditation

Wednesday 5th September 2018

Event Details

Obtaining higher levels of accreditation, particularly Highly Accomplished and Lead Teacher can be a daunting process.

This event, organised by the Peel Namoi Regional Group, attempts to shed light on the requirements to obtain higher levels, its value for the individual, and the support mechanisms available in terms of the public/private sector to assist teachers to obtain a higher level of accreditation.

Presenters will include those who have already achieved Highly Accomplished levels of accreditation who will discuss the requirements and benefits of the higher levels.

Presentations from those involved in supporting teachers in achieving higher levels of accreditation in the public/private sector will discuss programs and levels of assistance available in supporting progression to a higher level.

The event will be followed by dinner at Tamworth Hotel. This is at attendees’ own expense, for those who wish to attend.

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