POSTPONED Masterclass: Assessment of General Capabilities

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There is increasing emphasis on the assessing and teaching of General Capabilities, but educators still find this a challenging task. Capabilities such as critical thinking, creative thinking and collaboration can be difficult to identify and meaningfully integrate within teachers’ existing discipline-based curriculum and pedagogy, and even harder to assess developmentally and authentically.  


About the masterclass

In the full-day Masterclass led by experts from ACER’s General Capabilities Assessment Project, participants will learn how to apply elements of the ACER General Capabilities assessment framework to a teaching of their own. 


Participants will be introduced to the key elements of ACER’s General Capabilities assessment framework.

  • Understand the theoretical background of the General Capabilities assessment frame work, and the research evidence that underpins it
  • Understand the benefits of using problem-based learning as a vehicle for assessing and teaching the capabilities in the classroom
  • Explore and analyse detained definitions of collaboration, critical thinking and creative thinking for the purpose of assessment
  • Analyse examples of student data and how these can be interpreted in reference to levels of proficiency



Participants will take part in a guided series of activities to produce a draft assessment of collaboration, critical thinking and creative thinking using a problem-based learning approach. Working in school groups or individually, participants will apply ACER’s capability definitions, and adapt ACER’s assessment framework, to produce an assessment module for their own year levels and/or subject area.

Masterclasses in term 1 2020