SLRC Seminar Series: Deep and Meaningful Learning

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Learning is built on connecting new understandings to prior knowledge and engages students in deep and meaningful thinking and feeling. In this presentation we will explore ways of challenging students to think deeply about concepts and ideas, whilst offering the appropriate level of difficulty.

The seminar will include a presentation on Critical Thinking by Deb Brown, followed by a panel discussion facilitated by Jason Lodge covering topics such as:

  • Encouraging students to generate multiple and varying ideas and proposals to solving problems, and then critically explore their respective advantages and disadvantages to test, refine, and re-apply
  • Ensuring learning content and activities have sufficient complexity and that students have sufficient ‘learning room’ to experiment, take risks, collaborate, and self-reflect
  • Appraising that students have sufficient prior knowledge to engage in the kinds of learning activities and outcomes expected

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Jason Lodge

Jason’s research concentrates on the application of the learning sciences to higher education. Specifically, he is interested in the cognitive and emotional factors that influence learning and behaviour and how research findings from the learning sciences can be better used to enhance design for learning, teaching practice and education policy.

Jason is also interested in the ways technology is influencing learning, particularly in terms of the impact of technology on the development of professional ways of being, metacognition, critical thinking and expertise.Jason is a member of the SLRC Translation Team and lead investigator on the Higher Education Learning Framework project.

Deborah Brown

Deb is the Director of the UQ Critical Thinking Project. During her time in the faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Deb has coordinated a wide range of projects focusing on critical thinking.

She has been instrumental in establishing connections and partnerships with many educational organisations, including the Queensland Department of Education, the IMPACT Centre and Cavendish Rd SHS’s “Academy of Ideas”. As part of her role, she works to link the UQ Critical Thinking Project into relevant projects within and without the university to maximise outcomes for students in secondary and tertiary education, particularly those from marginalised communities.

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