Workshop Series: Awareness-Based System Leadership (ASL)

Friday 7th September 2018

2 Day Workshop

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This two-day leadership workshop offers a unique opportunity for personal and professional development through deep learning, shared reflection and peer dialogue. The workshop is an immersive experience that challenges participants to explore how an integrated focus on self-development, team learning, generative dialogue and systems thinking can support school and system innovation, effectiveness and improvement.

Awareness-based System Leadership is an approach that that draws upon Senge’s theories about organisational learning and Scharmer’s work on awareness-based change to address important questions about personal and collective capacity building, sustainable innovation, and effective change management. The workshop provides a nurturing forum for educational leaders to revitalise a personal vision for their own development, while deeply examining the relational and transformational elements of their leadership role.

The NSW Annual Awards will be held at the same venue, following the first day of the workshop.

The Workshop

During the workshop, you will:

  • Engage with conversations that promote deep learning and collaboration
  • Explore your beliefs and assumptions about effective leadership and change management, as well as school and system development
  • Extend your understanding of models and frameworks for leading change at a personal, collective and organisational level
  • Investigate the current reality and preferred future for your organisation
  • Develop a vision for the development of your organisation and yourself
  • Identify systems and structures that will help support and drive the change process
  • Experiment with a variety of practical tools to support reflection and the application of core aspects of ASL to your context and practice

Workshop Presenter

Dr Richard Owens

Dr Richard Owens is the Head of Teaching and Learning at Woodleigh School. Woodleigh is a global leader in personalised learning through its unique emphasis on real-world learning, formative assessment, the development of lifelong learning skills, student agency and wellbeing. He is also the Director of the Woodleigh Institute. The Institute provides innovative services in professional & organisational learning for teachers, school administrators & system leaders.

As an educational consultant, Richard is known internationally for helping teachers, school administrators and system leaders drive innovation and improvement in teaching, learning, collaboration and leadership. He has served as a classroom teacher, curriculum coordinator, Deputy Head and Head of School, and was the founding Director of an international centre for professional learning in Singapore. Richard specialises in the areas of professional and organisational learning, leadership development, school innovation and improvement, and teacher collaboration. He has worked with teachers, school administrators, academics, and system leaders from Australia, Asia, South America and Europe. His research has been published in a variety of academic and professional journals.

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